Public&Office buildings

Public&Office buildings

In order to provide safety, security and stable operation of this kind of buildings, we were responsible for supervision of fire protection sistems, systems for heating and cooling, diesel generators, power meters, ventilation systems, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, DC rectifiers, temperature, humidity, lights, etc. Further, our responsibility includes complete control and management of air chambers, hot water substations, preparation of hot water for fan coil systems, reading of electricity consumption via Modbus protocol.

Our clients

Capital Plaza Podgorica

Rudnik uglja Pljevlja

JU Muzeji i galerije Tivat

MTEL Podgorica

Erste banka Podgorica

Efel Motors Radanovici Tivat

Telenor Data Centar Podgorica

ING Invest Danilovgrad

EntExt Radanovici Tivat

Voli Trade-LDC

Nas Diskont