Smart Home

Smart Homes delivers the most advanced, technologically and economically optimized solutions in the field of automation of residential and business facilities like hotels, restaurants…The primary goal of the Smart Home is to meet the needs of a contemporary household with the goal of improving the quality of living.

Smart home

The concept of automating the household is an attempt to address the challenges of a new era, by using the technology of house automation for improving the quality of living. Smart room technology can deliver greater personalization, improved energy efficiency, greater convenience and the ability to control devices remotely. The Smart Home system integrate the subsystems for controlling the internal on/off and dimmable lighting, heating and cooling, curtains, blinds, sockets, swimming pool, watering system, alarm system... In order to ensure better security features, magnetic contacts and sensors for glass breakage could be put on windows. On every level, there could be a multi-functional touch sensitive central panel from which it is possible to control certain parts in house and through the application (via tablet or mobile device) it is possible to access the whole house, so users can swiftly make changes to the conditions within the room, such as choosing a preferred temperature and lighting level or controll the heating, air conditioning etc.

Room Management System

RMS (Room Management System) means a microprocessor-controlled station that monitors all parameters important for the normal functioning of a hotel room. This includes monitoring of temperature, input / output, various alarms, etc. System provides:

  • control of the cooling/heating system according to the room occupancy scheme
  • control of room lighting, water valve, curtains, blinds via room controllers.
  • control of entry and exit from the room (via contactless cards - transponders)
  • control of presence in the room
  • monitoring the openness / closing of doors and windows in the room and accordingly taking appropriate actions (turn on the welcome light in case of regular door opening, turn off the heating system in case of window opening…)
  • flood detection in the bathroom
  • monitoring of SOS alarm...