The workshop “Energy efficiency – added value”

The workshop “Energy efficiency – added value” was held on October 12, 2021 at the Hotel CUE in Podgorica. The workshop is part of the ENEA Energy Efficiency Living Lab project and was organized with the support of the NGO Expeditio from Kotor. Our company ION Solutions is recognized as a reliable partner within the energy efficiency program and we had the honor to clarify the definition of energy efficiency through a specific project. Regarding this, we presented a solution which, by introducing a set of planned and applied measures aimed at reducing energy consumption in a certain facility or area, allows precise control of various elements based on current values of certain parameters.

For the specific project, the software solution SCS-Smart Consumption Solution was presented, which is integrated as part of the PortoNovi complex in Kumbor. The presented solution is directed in the sence of optimization and monitoring of energy consumption realized by collecting information on the consumption of all energy sources (electricity, water, air conditioning) as well as making reports on consumption on a daily and monthly basis.

As part of the solution, PMS (Power Monitoring System) has been implemented, which enables an overview of the movement of active and reactive energy consumption in several tariffs, voltages, currents, power, frequency, as well as logging of maximum power values. On the graphical interface, it is possible to monitor the movement of consumption for each metering point, which includes a tabular display of consumption logging as well as a graphical display.